Professional quality - tested and certified

o.K. technology® (free of preservatives)

For JONAS, future means the best possible connection of social, ecological and economical aspects. This includes a consequent development regarding the areas of health and environmental awareness. For this reason, all interior paints as well as primers and adhesives are produced preservative-free and replace their former counterparts. The excellent quality and product characteristics are maintained nonetheless.

DGNB - sustainable construction

We are member of Europe’s largest network for sustainable construction, the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.’ (DGNB) The DGNB certifies construction projects, which are specifically energy efficient and sustainable. Many JONAS products are DGNB certified and listed in the DGNB navigator. The DGNB technical data sheets list extensive details regarding the sustainability of our products.

TÜV SÜD „Low emissions, checked for harmful substances, free of Preservatives and monitored production“

Testing and certification of dispersion paints according to the quality standards of TÜV SÜD (Technical Inspectorate for Southern Germany): low emissions, tested for hazardous substances, preservative-free and monitored production process. The TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH tests and certifies according to the test and certification regulations for product tests. To get the award for the products, tests are made on selected samples, the production plant is inspected and compliance to the regulations is verified. Test standard TM 09 „dispersion paints preservative-free“.

The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is an environmental label for products and services which are particularly environmentally friendly. It was established in Germany in 1978. If you use products or services awarded with the environmental label The Blue Angel, you can be sure to help yourself, the environment and the future. The Blue Angel is the federal environmental sign for protecting human life and the environment. It is ambitious, independent and has proved as guideline for environmentally friendly products for more than 40 years. 
JONAS products are certified according to DE-UZ102 (Version 2019) for low-emission.

EPD = environmental product declaration

(according to ISO 14025)
Sustainability gets more and more important, also in the field of construction work. It is seen positively with respect to environment / environmental protection. EPDs are based on the EU directive for construction products and provide the data base for an ecological evaluation of buildings. With the help of various parameters EDPs allow a theoretical calculation of the sustainability of individual products.
Initiator of the EDPs is the Institut Bauen and Umwelt e.V (IBU), an initiative of construction product manufacturers, who decided to approach the demand for more sustainability at construction sites.
With only few exceptions EDPs are available for all JONAS products.


Quality standard for exterior and interior plasters with organic binders. To be labelled according to EN 15824 for exterior and interior plasters with organic binders, fire behaviour and adhesive strength are tested. According to the German regulation for building products the CE label is mandatory for all exterior and interior plasters since 2011.

Technical University Dortmund

Diffusion behaviour and water absorption
Test of coatings with respect to diffusion behaviour against CO₂ and H₂O and with respect to water absorption, both important parameters for a healthy living climate.