Paints are our passion

We think in colours for over 85 years. As an industrial company, we are particularly responsible for the world of tomorrow. For this reason, we constantly improve our products, save resources and manufacture eco-friendly and sustainable.

Products and quality

It is our aspiration, always to deliver excellent quality products to the market. Starting with the first drop and ending with a finished wall, our production is consequently designed to achieve top performance. With our o.K. technology, we not only accomplish the highest quality, but also a healthy room climate.

Premium private labels for paint wholesalers

In addition to our own quality products, we also develop individual private-label concepts together with our partners. With creative ideas, we are always on the cutting edge of what’s possible. A successfully established private label on the market is our sign for a job well done.


As the leading manufacturer regarding product quality, sustainable and responsible handling of resources is very important to us. Paint is a fundamental material that not only protects and beautifies our living space, but also maintains it for following generations. Our goal is maximum product quality with minimal exposure of the environment.


It is only worth talking about values that are actively acted out. We treat our customers and employees with respect. We are ambitious and create a fair, tolerant and performance-oriented environment. Our management style is cooperative, every employee works independently and is appreciated for good results. This way, we achieve an atmosphere, everybody feels comfortable in.

Service and partnership

We listen and therefore know what our customers need and desire. Every day, we realize this principle with high commitment – from order to just-in-time delivery. Because we love, what we do.