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JONAS Farben stands for premium quality. Our products are innovative and possess ecological production and application characteristics. As the leading manufacturer of private-label paints for interior and exterior use, we managed to constantly increase the number of products produced without the use of preservatives – our registered o.K. technology.  

JONAS Farben stands for a fully automated just-in-time production as well as just-in-time logistics. We work exclusively with high quality raw materials and give our best to conserve the natural resources of our planet by utilizing recyclate wherever possible.

  • Interior paints

  • We offer a wide range of premium-quality interior paints from which you can choose the perfect quality for your individual requirements. From noble matt to velvet matt to glossy: this is how you give the painted surfaces an elegant and contemporary appearance. Our paints are modernly adjusted and thus easy to process, optimal for the professional user.

  • Facade paints
  • Different types of facades require versatile coatings: from breathable silicate paints to water-repellent silicone paints, pure acrylic paints to the latest hybrid technologies. For a long service life on the facade, we offer a wide range of facade paints to meet different technical requirements and preferences.

  • Primers
  • Stay on the safe side on any substrate. Our wide range of primers offers the perfect solution for every substrate. With our streamlined primers, proper substrate preparation has never been easier. As pioneers in the industry, we invented Hydro PowerGrip Gel and rely on our unique Hydrosol technology.

  • Wallcovering Adhesives

  • Our adhesives are designed to make your projects more efficient and successful. All adhesives are ready to use. So you can get started on your project faster. Our wall covering adhesives make applying painter's tiles, textured fabrics and woodchip wallpaper a breeze. Even large areas are done in no time at all.

  • Textured coating
  • Whether you use our textured coatings for decorative wall design or for substrate preparation for subsequent coatings, we offer the right solution for streamlined applications. Let your creativity run wild and rely on our products to achieve the best results.

Over 250 private labels have confidence in us

Since the company’s foundation in 1936 by Heinrich Jonas, our competitiveness and success in the market depend on two cornerstones: innovative products as well as highly qualified and motivated employees.We support you with the development and implementation of your private label. Over 250 private labels have confidence in us.

Our entire assortment is constantly evaluated. Since we think on a global level, all our products are certified with multiple awards and include the whole supply chain. The production is oriented on environmental as well as sustainability criteria from A to Z.