Light filling hybrid facade paint for universal use based on silicone resin and pure acrylic-dispersion. The material is highly diffusible, driving rain proof and water repellent. Suitable on all mineral undergrounds, silicone-resin and dispersion paints and plasters, also for ETIC systems. Low tendency to attract pollution, thus the facade stays clean longer. Fine structure, very good hiding power combined with very good application properties impresses. Coating is high-ly resistant against algae and fungi.


  • spreading rate: approx. 200 ml/m²
  • colour: white
  • packaging: 12.5 l / 5 l
  • packs per Euro pallet: 32 / 72

Colour Resistance according to BFS Data Sheet No. 26: A / group 1 – 3 (depending on colour)

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    • Hybrid premium facade paint for universal use based on silicone resin and pure acrylic-dispersion
    • Highly diffusible
    • Driving rain proof and water repellent
    • Can be used on all mineral undergrounds, silicone-resin and dispersion paints and plasters (but not on elastic coatings)
    • Suitable for renovation of WDV-systems
    • Low tendency to attract dirt, thus facades stay clean longer
    • Light filling 
    • Fine structure and good hiding power 
    • Colour tone stability A according to BFS information No. 26
    • Very good application characteristics
    • Gloss level: dull matt
    • Coating is highly resistant against algae and fungi