Online whistleblower system

Reliable reporting channels for compliance violations and the protection of whistleblowers against sanctions are essential for effective compliance. They help to ensure that possible misconduct can be reported, comprehensively investigated and cleared.

Reporting channels for violations

For hints on possible compliance violations, the online compliance whistleblower system is a secure reporting option. You can report hints 24/7. If you wish, you can also report your information anonymously. The whistleblower system is technically managed by an independent operator. The data is stored on protected servers in Germany. The content of the reports is processed exclusively by the compliance officer appointed by JONAS Farben GmbH. This person is also the compliance officer of the Sto Group, to which JONAS Farben GmbH belongs to. For reasons of efficiency, the German subsidiaries of the Sto Group only operate a shared digital whistleblower system, which is why you will be redirected to a Sto reporting page below.

For more information, please visit the entry page of the whistleblower system.

Here you can report your hints of compliance violations:

Whistleblower system