Hydro PowerGrip Gel

Special Hydrosol primer in the new form of a gel, perfect for rolling and spraying. For consolidating the substrate and for reducing absorbency. Pure acrylic. No barrier build-up due to integrated adhesion agents. Good adhesion on many, even smooth surfaces. Resistant against saponification. For exterior and interior use. Free of solvents and harmful emissions. Without the addition of preservatives.


  • spreading rate: approx. 120 - 150 ml/m²
  • packaging: 10 l / 5 l
  • packs per Euro pallet: 32 / 60
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  • Technical data sheet
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  • DGNB - Data Sheet
  • TÜV SÜD Emission testing
  • EPD | EU Ecolabel - environmental product declaration
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    • Special primer with solidifying effects
    • New gel structure
    • Ideal for application by roller and "airless spray equipment"
    • 100 % pure acrylate
    • With integrated nanoscale siloxane bonds
    • Perfectly solidifies the underground
    • Reduces absorbency of substrates
    • Good adhesion for subsequent coatings
    • No barrier build-up when applying too much material
    • Extremely good adhesion on many substrates, even on smooth surfaces
    • Unsaponifiable
    • For exterior and interior use
    • Plasticizer-free
    • Free of solvents and emissions
    • Without the addition of preservatives *