Special dispersion-based glue for interior use, ready-to-use.  Suitable for technical glass-fleece or cellulose-fleece (with or without pigments) which will be painted over. Outstanding quick and smooth application combined with a very even spreading. Preservative-free, free of solvents and harmful emissions.


  • spreading rate: approx. 150 – 250 g/m²
  • packaging: 16 kg
  • packs per Euro pallet: 32
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  • Technical data sheet
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    • Reduced labour costs
    • Ready-to-use dispersion glue
    • For gluing of structured fleece (pigmented and non-pigmented glass-fleece and cellulose-fleece) up to 225 g
    • Special glue for glass fabrics in fine textures (natural white and pre-coated) up to 200 g
    • No dilution and elaborate stirring necessary
    • Use pure for application with roller, airless instrument or pasting machine
    • Smooth application
    • Perfect spreading
    • Excellent gluing power
    • Long open time during application
    • Transparent when dry
    • Free of solvents and harmful emissions
    • Preservative-free