Spray Finish soft grain mittel Tinting Base

• Texturing spray coating for interior use
• Medium texture
• Fast and efficient application
• Quickly achieve a perfect and mat surface 
• Easy and safe handling, low loss of material
• Low rebound effect of the material
• Very good hiding power
• Extremely resistant
• Easy to repair
• Highly diffusible
• Perfect binding of the texturing agents
• Formation of clear edges
• Suitable as substrate for glazing techniques
• Available as ready-mix colours (on request)
• Free from fogging active substances 
• Free of solvents and harmful emissions
• With CE-labelling (Test certificate available on request)

spreading rate: approx. 800 - 950 g/m²

colour: tintig base (white)
packaging: 20 kg
packs per Euro pallet: 24


  • Technical data sheet
  • Technical data sheet
  • o.K. technology
  • DGNB - Data Sheet
  • CE Declaration
  • EPD | EU Ecolabel - environmental product declaration