JONAS Dura-In tinting base

Tinting base. Premium quality paint for interior use, especially for surfaces which are under high mechanical stress. Any writing effects can be removed easily and the paint has a low tendency for soiling. It offers good hiding powersnd together with the very fine and even texture this guarantees a perfect surface. A long open time and excellent application properties make it easy to use. Resistant to disinfectants. Free of solvents and harmful emissions.

DIN EN 13300

  • Contrast ratio: hiding power H10-class 2 at a spreading rate of 140 ml/m²
  • Wet scrub resistance: R-class 1
  • Gloss level: G4 dull matt


  • spreading rate: approx. 150 ml/m²
  • colour: Mix 3 (transparent)
  • packaging: 4,75 l
  • EAN-Code: 4024861070701
  • Technical data sheet
  • Technical data sheet
  • Pilf | Resistance to disinfectants