WP-Haftgrund Tinting Base

• White pigmented primer without structuring grain with good hiding power 
• For exterior and interior use
• Good penetration and solidification of the underground
• Primer and priming coat in one step, no structure 
• Special binder, ultra disperse, with silane groups as bonding agents for following coatings
• Suitable as primer for e.g. gypsum boards (without lignin marks) and for following coatings on dispersion, silicone-resin or silicate basis or on wallpapers 
• Covers non-homogeneous undergrounds (e.g. filler spots) and provides a smooth under-ground for following wallpaper
• Free of solvents and harmful emissions

spreading rate: approx. 120 - 150 ml/m²

colour: tinting base 1 (white)
packaging: 12.5 l


  • Technical data sheet
  • Technical data sheet
  • EPD | EU Ecolabel - environmental product declaration